Infinite Wonderland is a Google Lab Session where artists –Shawna X, Eric Hu, Erik Carter and Haruko Hayakawa– reimagined the timeless classic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by fine-tuning an AI model to generate images in their own, unique styles. Powered by StyleDrop running on Google Deepmind's imagen generation model, Imagen 2, this first-of-its-kind experience offers a glimpse of how generative AI technology can open up new creative possibilities.
Google Lab Sessions: Human Imagination x Artificial Intelligence is an ongoing series of collaborations between our latest AI technology and visionaries from all realms of human endeavor—from artists to academics, scientists to students, creators to entrepreneurs, and more. Lab Sessions is part of labs.google.com—our place to test early stage experiments and shape the future of technology, together.
Generative AI marks the potential for an evolution of creative tools -but many creatives are understandably questioning what role this technology will play in their work. The future must be shaped responsibly – in collaboration with artists and society at large. So we partnered with four artists to ask: how can AI be a tool that sparks originality and provides inspiration, while still leaving the ultimate craft in the hands of creatives themselves? Together, we built Infinite Wonderland as a demonstration of how generative image technologies like Imagen 2, Google DeepMind’s image generation model, can be used to create new applications and experiences for artists and creatives.
Imagen 2 is Google’s DeepMind’s AI image generation model. It is a text-to-image diffusion technology that delivers high-quality image outputs. Developers and Cloud customers can access it via the Imagen 2 API in Google Cloud Vertex AI.
StyleDrop is a fine tuning technique running on Imagen 2, that enables users to generate images in any style using as little as one reference image. It enables the generation of images that capture nuances and details of a style such as color schemes, shading, design patterns, and more.
Infinite Wonderland features styles from four artist collaborators as well as the original illustrator of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, John Tenniel. You can learn more about each artist in their “Meet the Artist” pages: Haruko Hayakawa, Eric Hu, Erik Carter, Shawna X and John Tenniel.
In Infinite Wonderland, Images always appear with accreditation to the artist and upon download, the artist’s name is always credited as well. All images will be marked with SynthID, Google DeepMind’s cutting-edge toolkit for watermarking and identifying AI-generated content.
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Occasionally, when an error occurs, we surface a previously generated image for the selected sentence.